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Webinar Invitation

As COVID-19 has rapidly altered the business landscape and delivered unprecedented uncertainty for our clients and for our own businesses, it is more vital than ever to prepare for the future. While the next few months will likely bring more volatility, we must be ready to seize opportunities when they emerge, be it todayor in six months. Ensuring your firms are equipped with the right fee-earning talent will be essential.

Join us for an invite-only webinar, exclusive for AESC Member firm owners, with Nick Workman of new AESC partner Executive Search Leaders and Jerry Gray and Andrea Bugari of ESL Associate C2C Plus.

Competency requirements for leadership have changed—but has the executive search profession adapted?

Executive Search Leaders believes we have not and that there is a competency crisis on the horizon within our profession. Executive Search Leaders finds that search firms have placed a lot of emphasis on understanding and adapting to technological changes, but many firms are neglecting skills development in their key fee earners. Specifically, they have hardly adapted to the changing success factors that drive modern-day executive search professionals in fee-earning positions, including emotional intelligence, integrity, learning agility, purpose, vision and multi-dimensional thinking.

There is a conundrum at the heart of executive search. Search firms depend on successful fee earners, but are the fee earners equipped to judge the modern-day successful executive? How do we develop better, “new age” search consultants and assist them in their own development so they can better serve themselves, their company, their candidates and their clients?

About Executive Search Leaders:

We are experienced professionals able to draw on over 60 years of combined knowledge and expertise, focusing on executive search and strategic advisory for the executive search and human capital consulting industries. Generalists in spirit, but experts as a result of our specialization, our firm is comprised of shareholders who lead and execute assignments across the globe. We offer a rigorous search service that also includes mergers, acquisitions and team lift-outs; strategic counsel on compensation variables; and advisory services on strategy, change, growth, leadership assessment and operational improvement. We have completed searches in over 30 countries and have successfully advised on corporate mergers and acquisitions across the US, Asia and Australia.

Nick WorkmanAbout Nick Workman:

Nick Workman, a founder and the Managing Partner at Executive Search Leaders, has a 23-year accomplished career in retained executive search and is a recognized leader in executive search and strategic advisory for the executive search and human capital consulting industries. Nick also advises on corporate mergers and acquisitions, demonstrating significant success across the US, Asia and Australia. He was recently appointed by the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC) as the first and only partner to advise AESC members on their growth strategies.

About Jerry Gray:

Jerry Gray, Partner, Advisory & Board Services in association with Executive Search Leaders, has led SME and plc subsidiary businesses up to £50m t/o and 200 employees in hospitality, distribution and executive recruitment. He has conducted strategic reviews, organizational restructuring, post-merger integration, market entry, product launches and financial turnarounds and operated in the UK, EMEA and the Far East. Jerry has worked for US and Asian owners and has spent nearly 30 years in executive and non-executive search, latterly in leadership roles for market-leading firms.

About Andrea Bugari:

Andrea Bugari, Partner, Advisory & Board Services in association with Executive Search Leaders, is a Swiss executive development specialist in London with thirty years of international management, consulting and coaching experience. Fluent in German and English, she has designed and delivered leadership and organisational development initiatives in the USA, Europe, South Africa, China and Canada, many of them in start-up or merger situations. Previously, Andrea held in-house positions with Korn/Ferry International, Lore Executive Development, and Capital One Financial Services. She also taught in international MBA and academic programs.