Executive Search Leaders announces
partnership with C2C Plus

London, April 23, 2020Executive Search Leaders (ESL), a firm specialising in senior executive search talent for executive search and human capital firms, today announced their new global partnership with C2C Plus. The alliance represents a rigorous commitment of both firms to adding excellence to the executive search profession, in turn strengthening their global partnership with AESC.

Having identified important issues executive search firms face developing and retaining key fee-earners, with the additional problem of a shortage of available talent in the global search industry at fee-earning level, the partnership combines ESL’s longstanding commitment to their clients’ growth through supporting them with the integration, development and management of key fee-earners and C2C Plus’s ability to provide clients with leading-edge assessments, executive coaching and development services. This means both firms are specifically focused on the key attributes of executive search professionals.

Nick Workman, Managing Partner, Executive Search Leaders, commented: “We are delighted to partner with C2C Plus, who have a significant track record supporting the executive search industry in both upscaling their leadership teams and aiding their selection, development and succession planning. This strategic partnership will provide our clients with quicker and more sustainable revenues from all new hires as well as the upskilling of fee-earners to enable them better to consult with their clients. In turn this will increase growth potential, revenues and profit as well as establishing a stronger platform from which search professionals can operate.”

C2C Plus Founding Partner Jerry Gray noted: “It has been apparent to us that the difficulty search firms have in attracting and retaining their own fee-earners, leading to high attrition rates, is neither good for the search industry nor its clients. We are here to improve the statistics.”

Andrea Bugari, C2C Plus Founding Partner, added: “Based on my passion for leadership development, I am now very excited to extend our services to the search industry. After all, good leadership starts with good selection. We are very proud that we have found a way to use one of the leading-edge assessment instruments in the market – Decision Dynamics – to reflect the reality of search consultants and their clients. The highly validated and benchmarked data will make a real difference to search companies’ ability to develop their staff, upscale succession planning and increase customer value”.